Hi hunters

Today, we’ve made the difficult decision not to continue development of theHunter: Mobile.

Inspired by our big brother -- theHunter: Call of the Wild -- we set out to create an immersive hunting experience for mobile players to enjoy on the go. The game was rolled out in select markets earlier this year, with the purpose of measuring performance and marketability while development continued.

Despite strong initial enthusiasm from players, we weren’t able to reach the level of performance we had hoped for. Unfortunately, this means that the hunt is coming to an end.

At the time of announcing this, all in-app purchases in the game have been disabled. As a token of our appreciation, all players will receive 20000 gold and cash that can be used in the game until 1st of December 2020, when the game will be permanently shut down.

A big thank you to all of the amazing people who played and enjoyed our game, theHunter: Mobile.

Until next time!

Expansive Worlds & Nitro Games