theHunter Mobile


Available now in limited countries for iOS and Android

Experience hunting in an open world on the go

The thrill of the hunt goes beyond just taking a well-aimed shot. Set in an open world, theHunter: Mobile captures every moment that makes hunting captivating, motivating players to be smart and methodic when tracking the animal, using fitting weapons, and taking their time to truly line up the shot. Compete with other hunters around the globe and see if you can top the leaderboard.



Wide Range of Animals

Stretching from the graceful whitetail deer to the muscular blackbear, the reserve’s ecosystem is teaming with life. Learning each animal’s behaviors, traits and movement patterns is key when pursuing them.

Weapon of Choice

Choose between a roster of weapons, and upgrade them as you succeed in your hunts. Select your set up with care to reflect the animal you are stalking, as each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses.

Track, Spot, Shoot

Hunting requires patience and skill, as a misplaced step and resulting sound is enough to scare off your prey. Set up trailcams, keep an eye out for tracks, move slowly through the foliage until you spot your target, and take time to align your shot.


Available on most handheld devices

theHunter: Mobile is available in limited countries for mobile phones and tablets running on iOS or Android. The game is currently in soft launch for a limited list of devices. Game features and available countries may vary during this time. Download today and see if you can top the global hunting leaderboard.

Available now in limited countries for iOS and Android